The Influence of Investment Public Relations Strategy on the Performance of Large Motor Vehicle Dealers in Nairobi, Kenya


  • Simon K. Ngarachu Operations Manager in the Motor Vehicle Industry in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dr. Hannah O. Bula Senior Lecturer, Kenyatta University
  • James O. Oringo Independent Consultant and Lecturer, Kenyatta University


Investment Public Relations, Strategy, Performance, Large Motor Vehicle Dealers.


The Motor Vehicle Companies in Nairobi, Kenya have played a major role in the contribution to job creation and economic development. Despite their role in economic development, these dealers face intense competition from imported second-hand vehicles. The purpose of the study was to investigate the value of investment public relations strategy on the performance of Large Motor Vehicle dealers in Nairobi, Kenya. The specific objectives of the study included; to establish the effects of; resource investment strategy and inter-reliance strategy on the performance of Large Motor Vehicle dealers in Nairobi, Kenya. A descriptive research design was used where the target population was 15 large motor vehicle firms operating in Nairobi, which are members of the Kenya Motor Industry Association. The unit of analysis was the large motor vehicle dealers while the unit of observation was the four strategic public relations strategies including; openness, stakeholder involvement, investment and commitment strategy. The study used primary data sources and secondary data. Primary data was collected using open ended and closed questionnaires. Content and construct validity was achieved though seeking expert opinion. Reliability was ascertained using Cronbach Alpha coefficient. Descriptive statistics and multiple regressions were used to analyze the quantitative data while qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis. Data was analyzed using tables and figures.

The study findings confirmed that majority of the large motor vehicle dealers in Nairobi had improved firm performance as a result of the implementation of investment public relation strategy which guarantees the effectiveness of strategic public relations. This proves that majority of the large motor vehicle dealers in Nairobi applied investment public relations strategies in their operations to ensure their improved performance. Finally, the study recommended that the management of the Large Motor Vehicle dealers need to monitor their financial investment in public relations to guarantee value for money.


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