Associations Between Building Information Modelling (BIM) Data and Big Data Attributes


  • Faris Hyder Ali University of Technology Malaysia, UTM, Skudai, 81310, Malaysia
  • Shamsulhadi Bandi University of Technology Malaysia, UTM, Skudai, 81310, Malaysia


Digital data, Building information modelling, Big data


There is a considerable effort to create and leverage digital data as the construction industry today relatively adopts innovative work processes. Among the innovative work processes getting traction these days, Building Information Modelling or BIM sits at the backbone of the industry's digital strategy with the capability to create a huge volume of digital data. Unveiling, the huge volume of digital data created by BIM processes could pave the way to leap the industry further. Big data is useful in this regard as a platform to derive potential insights from the accumulation of BIM digital data. Despite, a review carried out to understand the connection between BIM data and big data attributes suggests that the linkage between these domains is scantily mapped. Hence, a systematic mapping of these two domains is needed as a precursor for future research to establish the relationship between BIM data creation and big data progression. Using a systematic mapping approach, this paper aims to present an outcome from the analysis carried out to map both BIM data and big data attributes. The mapping analysis evidently suggests a noticeable connection among the two domains, mostly in operation and maintenance while the least is in the specification.


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