A Study on Multiresolution based Image Fusion Rules using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

  • Tania Sultana Department of CSE, MBSTU,Tangail,Bangladesh
  • B. M Ashiqur Rahman Department of Textile, MBSTU,Tangail,Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Motiur Rahman Department of CSE, MBSTU,Tangail,Bangladesh
Keywords: Image fusion, wavelet transform, Intuitionistic fuzzy set, image analysis.


The purpose of image fusion is to create a single image that optimizes the amount of data also highlight the necessary information from two or more source images. There are various types of pixel based image fusion methods such as AVG, Principle Component Analysis (PCA), Intensity Hue Saturation (IHS), Brovey Transform (BT), Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) etc. But Stationary wavelet Transform (SWT) based fusion method provides better fusion result with less color distortion. On the other-hand, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set (IFS) helps to remove the barrier of vagueness and uncertainties from the fused image. That is why; this paper focus several types of fusion methods using SWT with different IFS operations for find the better one that is helpful for human perception also for next generation image processing. 


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