Hamltonian Connectedness and Toeplitz Graphs


  • Hassan Zafar National College of Business & Administration, DHA Campus, Lahore 54590, Pakistan
  • Naveed Akhter Govt. Dyal Singh College, Lahore 54590 , Pakistan
  • Muhammad Kamran Jamil Riphah Institute of Computing and Applied Sciences (RICAS) Riphah International University, Lahore 54590, Pakistan. , Pakistan
  • Faisal Nadeem Department of Mathematics, COMSATS, Institute of Information and Technology, Lahore 54590, Pakistan


Hamiltonian graph, Hamiltonian connected, Toeplitz graph, Toeplitz matrix, Hamiltonian path.


A square matrix of order n is called Toeplitz matrix if it has constant elements along all diagonals parallel to the main diagonal and a graph is called Toeplitz graph if its adjacency matrix is Toeplitz. In this paper we proved that the Toeplitz graphs , for   and  are Hamiltonian  connected.


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