Formulation and Comparative in-vitro Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablets of Furosemide


  • Sumitra Shrestha (Clinical Pharmacy), M.pharm, Pokhara University, Assistant. Quality Assurance Manager at Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur-16, Nepal
  • Sristi Neupane (Clinical Pharmacy, M.pharm Pharmacy Officer, DDA)
  • Shree Ramakant Kumar Yadhav B.Pharm Shree medical & Technical College
  • Sangit Maharjan B.Pharm Shree medical & Technical College, Production Officer Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur-16
  • Dr. Jeevan Raj Shrestha B.SC Microbiology (Tribhuvan University), MBBS (Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara) Kathmandu University, Medical Officer Barhabise Primary Health Centre Barhabise-9, Nepal
  • Naresh Thapa B.Pharm, Dhaka University Bangladesh, Quality Assurance Manager Divine Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Bharatpur-16, Nepal
  • Nanda Kishor Bhatta M.Pharm (Industrial Pharmacy, Kathmandu University, Associate professor, Shree Medical and Technical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan (Research Supervisor)


Mucoadhesive buccal tablet, Furosemide, Swelling index, Mucoadhesive strength, Carbopol 940P


This study was conducted to develop mucoadhesive buccal tablet of Frusemide. A Mucoadhesive buccal tablet of Frusemide were prepared by using wet granulation method using dfferent polymer such as HPMC k 100, Carbopol-940 in different ratio. Tablets were analysed by measuring different parameters thickness, hardness weight uniformity, drug content uniformity, LOD, sweeling index, invitro dissolution study and solubility. The tablets were evaluated for in vitro release in pH 6.8-phosphate buffer for 12 hr in standard dissolution apparatus. Mucoadhesion strength was increased with increase in the concentration of carbopol. In order to determine the mode of release, the data was subjected to Zero order, first order, Higuchi and Peppas diffusion model.


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