Optical Phenomena in Time Dependent Medium


  • Cícero Julião Instituto Federal de Alagoas, BR-104, 111, Murici-AL, 57820-000, Brazil


Photonic Time Crystal, Periodic, Maxwell Equations, Dielectric Constant


How to deal with optical phenomena if the physical quantities are time-dependent? When a light wave propagating in space meets an interface between two media, a transmitted and a reflected wave appears. However, if a medium abruptly changes the value of its dielectric constant, even without an interface dividing space, we also have the phenomenon of reflection and refraction. Thinking of time as a coordinate similar to the spatial coordinates, the interface found also provides a change in the medium. But a change in time. Thus, known relationships, such as Snell’s Law, should be reviewed for such phenomena. This article deals with some situations where we have non-fixed dielectric constants, changing with time. From Maxwell’s equations, we demonstrate how to simulate the propagation of an electromagnetic wave in a medium that varies its dielectric constant over time. We used the finite difference method in the time domain (FDTD). We show the interesting phenomenon of temporal refraction and reflection.


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