Clothing Preference between Urban and Rural Youth in Bangladesh


  • Mizanur Rahman Department of KMT, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT),Dhaka, Bangladesh


clothing preference, urban and rural youth, brand preference


This research aims to compare the clothing preferences of urban and rural youth in Bangladesh. This study examined the clothing preferences of urban and rural youth for their daily wear, nightwear, party attire, and festival costume, along with many other clothes. It also examines the perspectives of urban and rural youths about their brand and non-brand preferences, undergarment preferences, and interest in traditional, western, casual, and formal clothes, etc. As the method for collecting primary data, 240 urban and rural youth in Bangladesh were administered a questionnaire. Among these 240 respondents, 120 were from Dhaka and 120 were from Goma village in Bangladesh's Barisal Division. In three age groups ranging from 15 to 20, 20 to 25, and 25 to 29. From these respondents 50 percent of are male and 50 percent are female. To understand respondents' financial status, the author additionally collected information about family income, which helps to identify the factors that impact respondents' wearing and purchasing preferences under varying financial circumstances. The data were statistically analyzed to determine the clothing preferences of urban and rural youths after the survey was administered to survey respondents and the information gathered from the questionnaire was structured using the Microsoft Office Excel application. This study has provided insight into the clothing choices of urban and rural youth, and also evidence indicating monthly family income and age groups may affect clothing preference.


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