Possibilities of Creating a Energy System Based on Renewable Energies in Karpathos Island, Greece


  • John Vourdoubas Consultant Engineer, 107B El. Venizelou str, 73132, Chania, Crete, Greece


climate change, electricity storage, El Hierro island, floating solar panels, Karpathos island, non-interconnected islands, renewable energies, sustainability


Mitigation of climate change is an important and urgent issue in our world. Many islands have autonomous energy systems generating electricity from fossil fuels. Many of them have abundant indigenous benign energy resources while their ecosystems are fragile. Aim of the current work is to investigate the possibility of creating a hybrid energy system based on local renewable energy resources in Karpathos island, Greece. Karpathos island has similar characteristics with El Hierro island, Spain which has already successfully installed a hybrid energy system generating around 60% of its annual electricity consumption from wind energy while it has received an EU prize for this achievement. The current study proposes that a similar hybrid energy system with smaller size can be constructed in Karpathos island increasing its energy sustainability. The size of the wind farm in Karpathos island was evaluated at 9.2 MW, of the pumping station at 4.8 MW, of the hydro-electric turbine, at 9 MW and of the two water reservoirs at 304,000 M3 and 120,000 M3. A floating solar-PV system with nominal power at 2.15 MWp installed on the surface of the upper water dam could generate 3,226 MWhel covering approximately 8.6% of the annual electricity demand in Karpathos island. The results indicate that local renewable energy resources could cover the most of the energy needs in non-interconnected Greek islands, like Karpathos, increasing their energy sustainability and assisting them to de-carbonize their economies complying with the Greek and EU targets for 2050.


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