Evaluating Challenges of Using IOT Devices in Competency Based Curriculum


  • Ruth Oginga Kabarak University Nakuru,Private Bag 20157


IOT, Competency Based Curriculum, Devices


The education sector has benefited greatly with the adoption of information communication technology (ICT). The labor market is in need of competent and skilled labor force that graduates from training institutions. To achieve this objective, adoption of ICT has been encouraged by many proponents of ICT in education.

In the recent years, growth of smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) technology has revolutionized how various sectors of economy consume and benefit from this technology. According to [21] IoT has a started to gain momentum in matters adoption in developing countries. As early as a kindergarten level a pupil is able to use a smart phone to learn basic level subject, while in institutions of higher learning students are using IoT to conduct research, attend lecture take examinations among other things. By introducing new communication avenues, this approach is giving students the abilities they need to succeed in the twenty-first century. IoT devices may be used in classrooms by both teachers and students to enhance the teaching and learning process.

This paper fills in this vacuum by identifying the IoT issues that are pertinent for students with the bounds of competency based learning.This project aims to solve this by adapting discovery learning methodologies while also identifying the challenges of such an adoption.This study addresses two issues one potential use of IoT in competency based curriculum and two Challenges attached to the use of IoT in competency based learning.


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