Inventory of Urban Trees in the City of Bunia, Case of the Mudzipela District, Ituri Province, DRC


  • Yannick Ngoy Shalom University of Bunia, Faculty of Sciences, Environmental Management, DRC
  • Hippolyte Nshimba University of Kisangani, Faculty of sciences, DRC c Center for Research in Natural Sciences, DRC
  • Prince Kaleme Center for Research in Natural Sciences, DRC
  • Joyce Kahindo Shalom University of Bunia, faculty of agronomic sciences, agricultural engineer, DRC
  • Lafleur Musalizi Muharabu University of Kisangani, Faculty of Management of Renewable Natural Resources, DRC


services, ecosystems, urban trees, Mudzi-pela


The choice of this investigation was motivated by the fact that knowledge of urban forests seems to be of little interest to researchers, given its absence in the local literature.  The general objective of this work is to contribute to a better understanding of the floristic diversity of the Mudzi-pela district. The meth

odological approach adopted made it possible to count and identify the trees planted along 13 avenues. After analysing the data collected in the area, we arrived at the following results: 361 trees, divided into 36 species and 30 families along the main avenues in the district. The average above-ground biomass for the avenues studied was 0.5730±0.0907 (CV: 15.82%), corresponding to an average of 0.28461 ± 0.045341 kg of sequestered carbon. This testifies to the compensatory role of the tree species in the Mudzi-pela district in the emissions of carbon dioxide resulting from human activities. The study environment is highly species-diverse, with the Simpsom 1-D index tending towards 1 in all the avenues studied.


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