Biomass and Carbon of Trees and Shrubs in the Commune of Mbunya in the City of Bunia, Ituri Province, DRC


  • Yannick Ngoy Shalom University of Bunia, Faculty of Sciences, Environmental Management, DRC
  • Hippolyte Nshimba University of Kisangani, Faculty of sciences, DRC
  • Prince Kaleme Center for Research in Natural Sciences, DRC
  • Julien Kpane Shalom University of Bunia, Faculty of Sciences, Environmental Management, DRC
  • Lafleur Musalizi Muharabu University of Kisangani, Faculty of Management of Renewable Natural Resources, DRC


biomass, carbon, deforestation, degradation and climate change


The aim of this study of trees in the MBUNYA commune is to assess the diversity of trees and their role in improving the urban environment. The itinerant survey method was used to identify trees along 19 avenues.  During the survey, the DBH and height of trees with DBH ? 10 cm were recorded. We then assessed the biomass of the individuals using generic allometric equations for urban trees. The analyses revealed 1,689 individuals, divided into 36 species and 21 families. The average above-ground biomass for the neighbourhoods studied was 1366.14±710.106 (CV: 51.98%), corresponding to an average of 683.075 ± 355.053 kg of sequestered carbon. The total above-ground biomass of the areas surveyed amounts to 5464.6 kg of dry matter, which corresponds to a sequestered carbon stock of 2732.3 kg, with a CO2 equivalent of 10119.63 kg. The values of these parameters vary from one neighbourhood to another and from one avenue to another.


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